Bellezza Bellona Review [My Personal Test]

I am a previous owner of MOZZAFIATTO and Giotto espresso machines (rocket espresso machines). They are great machines, high quality, exceptional build, and have e61 group heads.

I love this machine because of its design, the external tank, and the fact that you can set different temperature settings on each boiler. Furthermore, it comes with pre-infusion for when you want to extract using infusion. To top it off, it has programmable buttons on the machine so that you can use a scale for your extraction with no need for pre-infusion.

To test it, I used it at home.

I’ve been using this for half a year. I love this machine more than my other Rocket because it heats up twice as fast! I can travel with it as well and it still works. I use it on events that require 40 drinks in an hour, and it does great! What’s more? I can brew and steam at the same time.

As for my wife, it’s a lot easier for her to use because everything is one button away.

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The steam power is also excellent because I can froth 200ml of milk in 20 seconds.

Here are some complaints I have about this product:

The portafilter handle. So I just switched it with the one from the steamer (they have the same screw). Now my portafilter is heavier and feels really quality-like. No more problems!

The tray is too small; if┬áit’s more than 30% full, steam will come out of the wand and make a mess. I’m in talks with the manufacturer to fix this so that you can pour directly into a container under your countertop, and always have it empty. This should make it work better. I’ll let you know how it goes.

But my favorite of all time is still this machine. It’s smaller, lighter, and more reliable. It has better performance than any other machine in this price range. And the list goes on and on.

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