Cool Gear Bru Leaking Water? [Fix!]

One of the problems with slow-drip brewing is that the drip rate will decrease as the reservoir runs out of water. You’ll need to make adjustments during your brew time.

The valve assembly is the component that makes cold drip coffee what it is. Without it, you’d have a less pleasant and more inconsistent cup of joe.

The valve assembly in this brewer also allows oxygen from the surrounding air to escape the chamber. It will keep your coffee tasting fresh.

In order for the valve assembly to work correctly, the central tube should go down and be level with the opening of the rubber plug.

The most important thing is the positioning of the valve handle in the rubber plug. Make sure that a measuring mark on the side of the rubber plug is ½ covered by it. If you’re having trouble getting a consistent drip rate or if you need to clean the setup, check out these steps for calibrating your valve assembly.

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“How do I calibrate the pressure valve?”

  • Place the valve assembly in a clear vessel like an IE water glass so it fits snugly.
  • Pour water over the top, covering the valve plug by at least 2”.
  • Turn the valve handle to full open, by either going by the measure marks or following the arrows.
  • Gently push on the handle on top of the valve assembly until the water comes out freely. If you feel resistance, wiggle it side to side until it loosens up.
  • To fix the leak, turn the valve handle until the drip rate slows and eventually stops.

In order to adjust the drip rate, you will want to start by moving the valve opening until it is under control and you can easily set it between 1-2 drips per second. Once you’ve done that, you’re all set to brew.

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