Does Walmart Grind Coffee? [ANSWERED]

Yes, you can grind coffee in Walmart as far as they have a coffee grinder.

To locate the free coffee grinder, check the coffee aisles. You can also ask the bakery or delicatessen employees what grind options they have.

Let’s face it, who doesn’t look Wal-Mart for some of their freebies, haha. There are almost always coffee grinders in their stores that you can use for free.

Note the word ‘almost always. That is because not all Walmart stores feature a coffee grinder on-site If you’re frugal and don’t want to make an unnecessary trip to a store that may or may not have a coffee grinder, it will be great to give them a call to find out before you go.

Where To Grind Coffee Beans For Free

  • Costco

I know it may be hard to believe but Costco Wholesale Warehouse will let you grind your coffee beans for free.

Most Costco coffee bean grinders may be found in the coffee section. This lets customers grind their bulk gourmet coffee beans when they purchase them.

These stations are typically left unmonitored, so it is up to you to grind them, but instructions are usually printed on the grinders to help you grind your coffee beans just as you want them.

Feel free to reach out to one of the employees if there is a process you don’t understand, or if you need someone to give you a helping hand.

Unlike Starbucks, you can walk into Costco store with any brand of coffee and have them ground for free.

The only con here is that you don’t know how often the grinders get cleaned or what has gone through them.

Leftover coffee bean particles would change the overall flavor of the coffee beans you want ground. So, it might be worth asking a Costco employee to clean the grinder before you can use it.

  • Local Coffee Shops

Your local coffee shop is a great resource to get fresh roasted coffee beans ground. Most times, it pays to be a regular customer at the coffee shop you’re visiting. If not, you may be charged a small fee for your coffee to be ground.

Personally, I like to time my arrival right. I go when they aren’t busy. That way, they will have no issues with grinding your coffee bean.

If you want to go when they’re busy, ensure you buy coffee beans from their stock.

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  • Whole Foods

Hailing from Austin, Texas, Whole Foods is a haven for all things natural or organic in most urban cities.

If you purchase coffee in their store, you’ll be able to use their in-store grinders for free to perfect your unique and possibly ethical cup of morning brew.

  • Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s lets you buy fresh coffee beans in their stores and use their grinder for your purchase free of charge.

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