How to Start a Coffee Cart Business in Australia

The best time to start a coffee cart business is now. There are many benefits including low startup costs, no rental charges, and the ability to be mobile. Running a coffee cart business means selling a product that will always be in demand so you can almost guarantee that customers will buy your coffee. You will have competitors though and if you want to stay on top of the game you’ll need to make sure you’re prepared for what awaits.

How to Start a Coffee Cart Business in Australia

Below you will find a list of steps that you can take to start your coffee truck business. Give each one some thought as you launch your mobile coffee business.

  • Step 1: Choose your Coffee Cart or Coffee Van concept.

To find the best mobile coffee concept for your business, you’ll need to spend some time researching your options. It’s a good idea to take a few hours and visit existing trucks in your area. You should also consider visiting food truck or coffee truck events. Even if you have an idea in mind, a real-world visit can help you figure out what direction you’d like to move in.

Visiting local coffee trucks will let you figure out what kind of coffee trucks you like and don’t like. If you do not have any nearby, try looking online for a few.

Why not start with a good idea? Your vision is a clear representation of your concept, and if you have a bad one, the process of designing and building your business will be much more difficult.

Your business concept will change over time. This may be due to practical necessities, budget issues, and competition. But you need to be prepared for this – it’s an inevitable part of the process as you move forward.

  • Step 2: Most business owners don’t have the capital to fund their entire business. That’s why it’s important to know your financial limitations and work within them. Let’s talk about how you can fund your mobile coffee truck!

A coffee truck company requires startup funds. Ultimately, the amount of money your business will cost will depend on the concept you decide to pursue.

Make sure you consider how much money you’ll need in order to buy your coffee truck. This might be coming from your savings, a business account, investments, etc.

Arming yourself with vital information is the best way to leverage your time and flow with confidence. Knowing approximately how much you’ll need will help you determine who you should speak with as well as what types of loans or financing are available.

Before you develop your plan and budget, consider all of the resources you have for your mobile coffee business. These include the money in your bank account and anything else that you may be able to borrow from family or friends.

  • Step 3: Think about Your Customer Demographics.

For mobile coffee businesses, staying laser-focused on your customers is key. When starting any coffee business, you want to stay focused on your customers throughout the entire process.

Who will you be serving coffee to? Will you be working with private events, ticketed festivals, community farmers markets, or other special dates like weddings and anniversary parties? Will you be serving tourists or locals? All of the above?

The needs of your customers will change depending on who you’re serving. Likewise, your coffee menu will determine which equipment you’ll need. Ultimately, your size and type of business will depend on the equipment you have and the space you’re in.

It can be tough to figure out where your money is going and how to keep it from going out of control. When you take a step back, though, you’ll notice that all your coffee business costs are interconnected. It’s all about knowing who your ideal customer is, so you can make the right decisions for your business.

  • Step 4: You will have to decide how much money you want to invest in your coffee truck business.

Now that you know what type of coffee shop you want to start and who your customers will be, it’s time to think about your budget. The amount you have available to spend on your business will either shape your coffee shop concept or alter it in some fundamental way.

For any idea to be successful, it has to work with the realities of the business world – usually financial realities.

When you work in the coffee truck industry, it’s important to have an understanding and grasp of the budget. If you spend money elsewhere, it can stunt the growth of your coffee truck. Don’t assume the money will just appear; be mindful of all expenses from the very beginning.

  • Step 5: Decide What Coffee Trailer Equipment You Will Need.

Once you’ve clarified your idea, target audience, budget, and coffee truck menu, you will be able to focus on your coffee equipment.

If you own a mobile coffee business, your equipment is the most important part of your operation. Without it, you won’t be able to provide any coffee for your customers.

  • Step 6: If you’re considering a coffee truck, one thing to consider is how much power it will need to operate.

Once you decide that you want to start a coffee truck or trailer, one of your biggest questions will probably be “How am I going to power my setup?”

Is power available? Will you use an extension cord to an available power outlet or will you hook up to a generator instead?

What kind of power will your coffee equipment need? You’ll need to consider the power and wattage demands of each piece before you start buying equipment.

  • Step 7: Write down your Mobile Coffee Business Plan.

Writing a mobile coffee business plan can make it easier for you as you move forward with your mobile coffee business. Now that we’ve shared our tips, you should be confident in writing down your own plan.

Writing a business plan isn’t easy. However, if you don’t know where to start, we have a helpful Coffee Shop Business Plan Guide and Template that you can find in our Complete Coffee Shop Startups Kit.

  • Step 8: It’s important to understand the local health department regulations before undertaking your coffee van projects.

Know the requirements of your local health department in advance because they may determine how you can operate your coffee truck and where you can build it out.

We recommend taking a look at the regulations for your local health department before you buy or build your coffee truck. It would be a shame to invest in your setup only to find out it doesn’t meet their regulations and won’t pass inspection.

  • Step 9: Buy or Purchase Your Mobile Coffee Truck

In order to get your mobile coffee truck, it’s important to budget and consider your funding options. You’ll also want to explore different avenues for procuring a truck. One option is to refurbish or retrofit an existing truck by adding things like a grinder and espresso machine, another option is to buy an entire mobile beverage truck or trailer. If you’re looking for even more flexibility, talk with food truck manufacturers about how they can customize your truck to what you need.

  • Step 10: Get a Barista Training

Serving great coffee to customers is an essential part of a business. If you have not been a barista, maybe it would be helpful to get some professional training so that you can put your best foot forward. At the very least, you will be the primary person in charge of serving coffee when you first open for business until you hire a barista. In this case, making time to train your employee will be essential for success–a major part of your job from the start.

Whether you’ve been a barista for years or feel like you need a refresher course, refresher courses are a valuable investment for your coffee business. They’ll improve customer experience and keep waste to a minimum.

If you’re looking to talk to someone in person, you might be able to find a local coffee educator. For those who aren’t so lucky, there are great online programs designed to teach you the jumping-off points for learning how to become a barista.

  • Step 11: Build Your Mobile Coffee Marketing Plan

Entering the coffee truck business can be a tough process. You need to capture people’s attention and stand out in order to promote your new business.

The basics of a marketing plan include developing a brand, logo, and business position. Coffee shop owners need to support their brand by creating a website, business cards, and social media accounts. They should also focus on face-to-face networking and community outreach to increase exposure.

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Tips for Building a Coffee Truck Business

One of the most important aspects when starting a mobile coffee business is that there are a few essential elements to keep in mind. My recommendation would be to start conceptualizing your concept and get started on creating your menu item offerings.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Make sure you do some research on the different types of coffee trucks or trailers available before deciding.
  • Consider the coffee trucks that exist in your neighborhood.
  • To get started with your coffee business, start coming up with a funding mix plan to help launch your dream.
  • Want a mobile coffee business? Great options are out there. In the list below, you’ll find a summary of how to start a mobile coffee truck business:
  • Choose from options like Cafe with Market or Coffee Caf?
  • Before you get started, do a quick assessment of your current financial resources.
  • It’s important to consider the people you’re selling to.
  • When you start a coffee truck business, it’s important to plan the budget around your concept.
  • One of the questions you may have prior to opening a coffee trailer is which type of equipment you’ll need.
  • You also have to consider how much power you’ll need.
  • Write your mobile coffee plan.
  • Local health departments regulate food safety and sanitation.
  • We offer mobile coffee trucks that come with everything you’ll need to be a hit on the streets.
  • Get barista training to become the best barista you can be.
  • Figure out your mobile marketing strategy.
  • Starting a coffee truck isn’t cheap, but it’s worth it.

How Much does it Cost to Start a Coffee Truck Business?

Starting a coffee truck can be expensive, depending on whatever factors you’re considering. For example, the price of the coffee truck itself, building out the area to serve coffee, providing power, and installing equipment will all depend on your available space, the type of menu you have, and the service you want to provide.

You can have a wide range of startup costs, depending on where you decide to set up your business.

As a business owner, you need to worry about things like your inventory, which can add up quickly. A typical coffee truck will cost anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000. Throughout our years of service, we’ve noted that the average used truck is often in the $35,000-$60,000 range.

However, all of this is subject to change and will depend on the situation.

For example, if you order a custom-made $100,000- to $155,000 coffee truck with all the bells and whistles and then spill the beans on the floor, it would be a shame.

If you’re looking for something a little different, another option is to buy a used truck from someone who is retiring, moving out of town, or changing industries.

The Cost of a Mobile Coffee Business

The type of mobile coffee business you decide to go with will depend on your budget. From a small investment and high profit to capital-intensive projects that are profitable over time.

If you’re interested in owning your own mobile coffee kiosk, you can browse the listings here. Mobile coffee kiosks range in price from $10,000 to$30,000. All of the listings include accessories and furniture.

Mobile Coffee Kiosk $10,000 – $30,000
Small Coffee Truck $15,000 – $50,000
Large Coffee Truck $35,000 – $120,000

Coffee Trailer $15,000 – $85,000

Preparing for disasters can reduce costs and risks.

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