Where Can I Park My Coffee Van UK? Top Spots!

Are you thinking about buying a coffee van? Are you about to open up your very own coffee shop? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you’re going to need somewhere to park your mobile business, and that’s where the problem comes in.

You see, parking space is at an absolute premium in the UK, with many streets having no space for any business or vehicle other than cars, let alone one as big as a coffee van. The good news is that there are companies out there that will lease your car parking spaces, but it can be hard finding them.

As a coffee van owner, you can park in the following places:

  • For repeat custom “anywhere” – Good coffee
  • City Centre – You will need a street license for this
  • Public places such as fetes and markets
  • Car boor sales
  • Roadside or lay-bys but first you’ll need to obtain permission from your local authority
  • You can park it outside UKBF doors
  • Events like Gardening shows, motor racing, country fairs, and the like, and the pitches cost money. You’ll need to pay for a space. You can make quite a lot of money but it is pretty difficult to book in as most events have caterers they already know.
  • I’d do the business parks (like the sandwich vans) but first thing in the morning, or park up near train stations/subways, and you’ll be flying in no time. Lease the coffee-van, and work it back to a daily cost, then you can see how much you need to take per day to make a profit.
  • More Shows/events.
  • Private land e.g car park , layby, etc
  • Public land. This will require a license from the council.
  • On a Saturday/Sunday pick the cycling routes and rock up. if its good you will get a queue around the block

Still, need more ideas? You need to check with your local council

The more money the better the pitch of course. Care is needed in choosing your location too, the best pitch at the event may be beyond your capacity to service properly.

Do You Need a License to sell Coffee in the UK?

It is also important to note that you will need a license from your local council or business regulatory body to sell coffee on the road.

This usually involves visiting your local authority’s licensing department, which will advise you on the next steps for acquiring a license.

For example, to sell hot food from a street stall in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland you will need a street food trader license.

Your local council will be able to help you with getting one. There are similar regulations for selling hot drinks across these countries as well. These are referred to as Food Hygiene Ratings if they sell food items such as sandwiches and snacks.

How to get a Mobile Coffee Van Trading License

You will need to check the costs involved before you go any further. The cost of a mobile coffee van trading license varies depending on where you live and how large your van is.

Get in touch with the local council and they will be able to tell you what you need to do to get a license for your mobile coffee van.

To find out how much a mobile coffee van trading license will cost, you’ll need to contact your local council.

The cost of a license depends on how big your vehicle is and where you live. You should also consider getting insurance for your van as many councils require it before they grant permission to trade from a mobile coffee van.

How much can a mobile coffee van make in the UK?

A mobile coffee van can make around £110 per day at a rate of 100 cups per day. However, rates for UK regions can vary.

For example, in a small town, you can make around £80-£90 per day and in larger towns with more competition, this drops to £50-£60 per day.

Are Coffee Trucks the Profitable UK?

Not really. There are several reasons why coffee trucks may not be profitable in the UK.

For starters, the cost of a truck in the UK is much higher than in other countries.

Additionally, there are lower barriers to entry for coffee shops and cafes in the UK so there is more competition. You also have to deal with high local operating costs when you bring coffee trucks over from other countries, including hefty customs duties and taxes on imported goods as well as fuel prices.

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Do I need a License to Sell Coffee UK?

Yes. you’ll need a street trading license to sell hot drinks such as coffee, tea, and mulled wine in the UK.

This applies whether your business is mobile or fixed. You may also need to acquire other licenses depending on the location of your van and its potential impact on nearby residents and businesses.

If you’re traveling around with your van to several different locations, then you need permission from those places for it to be parked there for periods.

Does a Mobile Coffee Van Make Money?

Yes, coffee vans are profitable and can produce decent returns. Even though there is some startup capital required to purchase a mobile coffee van, the costs for ingredients like coffee beans and a small kitchen area are relatively low.

When considering how long it takes to make your money back from the investment in a mobile coffee van, you should keep in mind that it typically takes only about two years for them to start generating profits.

How much money Can You make with a Coffee Truck?

With a coffee truck, you can make up to $600 every day and that is not a bad sum, this result has shown just how profitable coffee businesses are. If properly managed, the income generated by coffee trucks can be pretty impressive and leads to significant profits.

Is a Coffee Truck worth it?

Yes, a coffee truck is worth it when you are catering, it cost about $0.80 to produce a latte and you can get to sell for about $5-6. New coffee truckers will just have to multiply by the cups sold for them to be able to calculate their total net profit.

How Many Coffees do a Coffee Truck sells a day?

Coffee trucks are increasingly becoming free trucks can sell roughly between 200 to 300 cups of coffee per day and a coffee shop can sell up to 700 cups of coffee per day according to the National Coffee Association.

How Much would it Cost to start a coffee Truck?

It will cost you an average of $20,000-$50,000 to open a coffee truck, if you are starting with an espresso cart it will be cheaper as you can start it with an average sum of $2000-5000. The cost of a coffee truck is dependent on the equipment installed in the coffee truck.

Can I sell Coffee from Home in UK?

Yes, you can sell coffee from home in the UK, but you will have to register as a food business through the UK government portal, which will then direct you to your local council information. Do know that whichever way you decide to sell the coffee, it is compulsory you register.

The registration is to be done at least 28 days before you commence your coffee business.

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